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Monday, 5 December 2011

Application Packaging Training @ Hyderabad, January 2012 Batch

New batch of Application Packaging classroom Training at Hyderabad from 3rd January 2012

Duration: 1 Month

Interested candidates can contact me on +91-9963678795 or

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Note: If you are looking for Online training, please contact me. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

What is Application Repackaging

Repackaging (Customized Installation) is the process of capturing the changes made by an Installation Program (Package) and it is designed to support company standards and distribution methods. Following are the steps for repackaging an application.
  • Review the packaging requirements with the projects sponsor
  • Analyze the vendor package (Tech Review)
  • Repackage the application (Scripting)
  • Customize the package
  • Test the package
  • Release the package to end users

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What are MergeModules

Merge modules provide a standard method by which developers deliver shared Microsoft® Windows® Installer components and setup logic to their applications. Merge modules are used to deliver shared code, files, resources, Registry entries, and setup logic to applications as a single compound file. Developers authoring new merge modules, or using existing merge modules, should follow the standard outlined in this section.

A merge module is similar in structure to a simplified Windows Installer .msi file. However, a merge module cannot be installed alone, it must be merged into an installation package using a merge tool. Developers wanting to use merge modules must obtain one of the freely distributed merge tools, such as Mergemod.dll, or purchase a merge tool from an independent software vendor. Developers can create new merge modules by using many of the same software tools used to create a Windows Installer installation package, such as the database table editor Orca provided with the Windows Installer SDK.

When a merge module is merged into the .msi file of an application, all the information and resources required to install the components delivered by the merge module are incorporated into the application's .msi file. The merge module is then no longer required to install these components and the merge module does not need to be accessible to a user. Because all the information needed to install the components is delivered as a single file, the use of merge modules can eliminate many instances of version conflicts, missing Registry entries, and improperly installed files.

SetACL Permissions Examples

Using SetACL to provide permissions

Command1: Providing registry permissions to Authenticated Users group

1.  setacl.exe "MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AHouse\GEPUIS ORBIX" /registry /grant "Authenticated Users" /full /i:cont_obj_inh /p:yes /r:cont_obj /silent

OR using S-ID

"MACHINE\SOFTWARE\AHouse\GEPUIS ORBIX" /registry /set "S-1-5-11" /full /sid /silent

Command2: Providing Folder permissions to Authenticated Users group

setacl.exe "c:\AudioTools\GIMP" /dir /set "S-1-5-11" /change /sid /silent

Change the group name / S-ID according to your requirement

Monday, 29 August 2011

What is Application Packaging

Application Packaging is all about customizing applications according to best practices and User requirements.

Application packaging can help enterprises manage growing volumes of software for desktop and server systems efficiently. By streamlining software
configuration and deployment, application packaging can help reduce application management costs.

AdminStudio Installshield Online Training Training

New batch of Application Packaging Classroom training using Installshield/Wise Packaging Studio is starting at Hyderabad on3rd September. If you are interested contact me at 91-9963678795 or

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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Application Packaging Training - September Batch

New batch of Application Packaging Classroom training is starting at Hyderabad on 3rd September. If you are interested contact me at 91-9963678795 or

For training details please visit