Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Creation of .PRQ Files - Installshield

This post describes creation of .PRQ files which can be added to ISM during creation of installers.

Prerequisite editor can be launched directly through "Installshield Prerequisite Editor" shortcut OR from ISM.

Pre-requisite editor launches as shown below, Unique Identifer will be displayed automatically

Under the Conditions section, specify the condition to be evaluated for the pre-requisite to run. Depending upon the condition selected Properties get changed

In "Files to Include" section, specify the pre-reqs files which are to be executed.

In "Applications to Run" section, select the application from drop down list and provide command line arguments to be used while installing the pre-req.

in "Behavior" section, choose the options which are required.

In "Dependencies" section, specify if this installation has any other pre-requisites.

Once all the inputs are provided, Go To File-> SaveAs and save the .PRQ file in desired location.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Installshield 2012 Suite - Chaining Application Installations

Installshield has introduced new feature in v2012 i.e., to chain application installations. EXEs or MSIs can be clubbed together as a suite which makes it easier to perform installation of applications which contain more than one MSI/EXE.

Steps to create a Installshield Suite:

1. Launch Installshield and select "Create a new project"

2. Select "Suite Project"

3. In Packages section, select the installer that needs to be run

4. Select the MSI that needs to be added to suite

5. Select the appropriate option in the following screen depending upon the application.

6. Once the MSI is imported into suite, all the parameters will be populated automatically as highlighted in the below snapshot:

7. In the same procedure add 2nd MSI

8. Once the sequencing of installers is completed, Go to Releases and Build the suite to generate the output

9. Output Setup.exe acts like a bootstapper which can be used to install the installers that were added inside Installshield Suite.

Add Scheduled Task to MSI - Installshield 2012 Spring Features

New Feature in Installshield 2012 Spring is creation of Scheduled Task.

Within the MSI its now possible to create a scheduled tasks which will be installed along with application and runs depending upon the schedule parameters set.

Please find detailed snapshot:

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

SCCM 2007 Online Training - September 2012 Batch

AppREPACK announces in depth training on SCCM 2007 R2, Please find course contents below:

For more details please visit www.apprepack.in or contact Ajun@Apprepack.in

SCCM 2007 - Course Contents 
Why SCCM ?
Software distribution
Security updates
OS Deployment
Client management

Planning SCCM Infrastructure
Installing Windows Server 2008
Installing Active Directory and DNS
Installing and Configuring DHCP
Configuring WDS
Configuring Accounts
Installing and configuring IIS features
Installing and configuring SQL Server 2008
Installing and configuring WSUS 3.0 SP2
Configuring Active directory – Extending Schema
Installing SCCM 2007
Configuring client agent accounts

Hardware and Software requirements
VMware workstation based VMs with Windows Server 2008 R2 Server , Windows 7 / XP client

Configuring SCCM after install
Site Boundaries.
Client Installation Methods
Discovery Methods
Site Systems

Site System Roles
Distribution point
Reporting point
Server locator point
Branch Distribution point
Fallback status point
PXE Service point
Software update point
State Migration point
System health validator
Management point

Security Updates
WSUS integration
Update list
Deployment packages and Templates
Best Practices

Software Distribution
Package creation
Updating distribution points
Task sequences

Operating System Deployment
Preparing the environment for Configuration manager OSD
Installing and configuring Configuration manager PXE Service point
Preparing OS image for deployment
Preparing for bare metal OS deployment
Deploying OS image to target computer

Hardware inventory
Software inventory
Software metering

Desired Configuration Management
Configuring base lines , configuration Items
Isolating the resources

Client Management
Remote tools
Wake on LAN
Power management
Out of Band management