Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Creation of .PRQ Files - Installshield

This post describes creation of .PRQ files which can be added to ISM during creation of installers.

Prerequisite editor can be launched directly through "Installshield Prerequisite Editor" shortcut OR from ISM.

Pre-requisite editor launches as shown below, Unique Identifer will be displayed automatically

Under the Conditions section, specify the condition to be evaluated for the pre-requisite to run. Depending upon the condition selected Properties get changed

In "Files to Include" section, specify the pre-reqs files which are to be executed.

In "Applications to Run" section, select the application from drop down list and provide command line arguments to be used while installing the pre-req.

in "Behavior" section, choose the options which are required.

In "Dependencies" section, specify if this installation has any other pre-requisites.

Once all the inputs are provided, Go To File-> SaveAs and save the .PRQ file in desired location.

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