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Monday, 6 August 2012

Create Log file using Wise Script

Use the Installation Log page to create an installation log and to specify its location and name. As an alternative, set the compiler variable _LOGFILE_PATH_ to the path of the log file.

The installation log is a text file that lists the events that occur while the installation runs. (Example: It contains the list of files that are replaced.) Entries are also added to the log when files are deleted or backed up, but the uninstaller does not take  suchentries into account during rollbacks.

Select Installation Expert > Installation Log page and complete the page:

􀁺 Do not create installation log: Mark this to prevent an installation log from being created. If you do this, the end user will get an error upon attempting to uninstall.

􀁺 Create installation log in same directory as first installed file: This saves the installation log in the root, because the first Install File action is in the
uninstal.wse include script, which appears before any of your Install File lines. This option is included for backwards compatibility.

􀁺 Create installation log in custom directory: Mark this to save the installation log in a directory you specify. This enables the options for selecting the directory. Select a directory and enter a name for the installation log in Install Log File Name. (Example: Install.log.) To create a new directory for the log within the Application or Windows directory, click New Folder.