Monday, 6 August 2012

MSI Kill Process - Installshield 2012 Spring

Installshield has introduced new feature in Installshield 2012 Spring edition, A inbuilt custom action which can terminate/kill process.

In Installation Designer -> Behavior and Logic -> CustomActions and Sequences, Right Click and select "New Kill Process"

Provide the name of custom action and then choose FunctionName, In-Script options

-> If you are trying to terminate process using name choose FuncatioName as KillProcess or else choose KillProcessByID

-> Choose when you want to run the action and provide condition to run when satisfied.

-> If In-Script Execution is selected as one of Execute Immediate process. Goto Properties and create a New Property with Name ISTerminateProcesses and provide the list of process to be terminated.

-> If In-Script exeuction is selected as one of the deferred execution then create a property whose name is same as the name of the custom action ( in this example: KillWord )  give and provide the list of process to be terminated.

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